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Roofing Professionals in USA

At Thomas Roofing, our talented roofers regularly assist customers in the Greater USA and we’re a Veteran-owned company. We have over a decade of experience, and we’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Because we’re passionate about providing you with enhanced convenience, we offer free inspections and estimates, and financing is available.

Whenever you’re in need of a reliable roofer in USA, you can count on Thomas Roofing to be there for you the moment a problem arises. We’re here to ensure that your roof remains in great condition. Because we’re committed to operating with transparency, we always have our finished work approved by both our owner and a certified state inspector.

Residential Roofing

When you choose Up and Over Roofing, you choose quality installation, the best products on the market and outstanding warranties.

After your evaluation and estimate are complete, you may choose colors and details using our interactive design tool. This will allow you to see how the new roof and color will look on your home.

Up and Over Roofing chooses the best available products to ensure your home’s long-term curb appeal and protection. We believe in using a complete roofing system, that is top rated for waterproofing, durability, and resistance.

Commercial Roofing

The roof of a building is the first line of defense against harsh wind and sometimes brutal weather we are so famous for here in Chicago. That makes it all more important to address any potential need for repairs sooner rather than later. Needless to say, the longer you wait to repair any damage to your roof the worse the problem will get which could eventually leave you needing a costly whole roof replacement.